Event Features

Event Registration

Sign Up Attendees

Ticket forms for your Event can be embedded into your website.

Add a Ticket Form to Your Website

We aim to please, and we're all about convenience. What's more convenient than signing up for an Event right from the site's homepage? Design a signup form inside your Event Marketing interface, then generate the HTML code and paste it anywhere on your website.

HTML Event Ticket Forms
Event Registrant Information

Custom Questionnaire

Collect whatever information you need, be it t-shirt size, meal or seating preference, or contact information.

Choose Themes

Choose from an assortment of professional themes to frame your Event's email invite.

HTML Event Themes
Event Marketing Interface

Easy Interface

Fill out your Event Basic Info: Title and Event Location - and include an automatically generated map to show them where the party's at!

Promotional Tools

Promote your Event with these web-based marketing features.

Facebook Event Comments

Publish to Facebook

Connect your Event Marketing account to a Facebook page and promote your Event on the popular social network.

Create Event Buttons

Design a button to stick on your website that will take visitors to your Event ticket form. Choose the text, color and size of button in the Promotional settings. When you're done, click the button maker and generate the HTML code for your website.

Event Ticket Buttons

Display Event Calendar On Site

Let your site visitors see when and what the fuss is all about. Customize an Event Calendar to display anywhere on your site. This is an especially helpful feature when planning multiple Events in a month.

Event Registration Calendar
Event Countdown Clock

Countdown Clock

Just like the rest of the features on this page, the Countdown Clock is totally customizable, and Benchmark generates the HTML code for it to fit anywhere on your website. Add the dramatic flair and let your attendees count down the minutes until the big moment. Better than New Year's!