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Email Marketing Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

Learn to use our features quickly with these great videos.

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Getting Started

  • Dashboard
    Learn how to successfully navigate the Benchmark Email user interface.
  • Adding Contacts Quickly
    Use the Add Contacts Quickly Button to add contacts directly from your email dashboard manually or via cut&paste.
  • Your 1st Email Campaign
    Learn how to create and send your first professional email campaign using our new Email Designer!

Contact List Management

  • Importing a List
    This tutorial helps you with importing lists from other resources.
  • Copy and Paste
    Copy addresses from other sources & paste into your Benchmark lists.
  • Individual Contacts
    Learn about manually adding a person's email address & contact info.
  • New List
    An overview of the different ways of creating subscriber lists.
  • Signup Forms
    Sign up subscribers and grow your email list.
  • Small Embed Forms
    Easily create a Small Embed Form that you can place virtually anywhere such as Facebook, Wordpress, JimDoh, and your own website.
  • Facebook Signup Forms
    Adding signup forms to Facebook is actually quite easy, and doing so can help build your audience with targeted precision. This video teaches you how!
  • Targeted Emailing
    Learn how to use the Targeted Email tool to refine and create specialized contact lists based on engagement with your content and more! This feature is free when you upgrade your free plan.

Creating Email Campaign

Events Tutorials

  • Your First Event
    This video is going show you how to create your very first Event. Let’s do it!


  • A Tour of The Email Designer
    Benchmark's new drag and drop email designer is here to help you create the professional newsletters, invites and product announcements you see in your inbox every day. Come take a spin of this incredible new tool and you'll be creating beautiful emails that stand out in your subscriber's inbox in no time!
  • Navigation Bar Block
    Now, replicating the look, feel and branding of your website is easier than ever before. Simply drag the navigation bar block into your email template. It can mirror the menu navigation of your website by inserting icons or text links.
  • Image Blocks & Media
    Adding images, image groups and product descriptions has never been this easy. Learn all about using images, video and more.
  • Editing Images
    Editing images in your emails using the built-in Photo Editor.
  • Merge Tags
    Add greetings, personalized messages, link to surveys and more in your campaigns!
  • Global Styling Options
    Adjusting global color options, adding rounded corners to your emails, and creating modern looking social icons for your campaigns.
  • Global Options (Classic Editor)
    Tweak any template to your liking with this tutorial.
  • Section Editing
    All about formatting the sections of your emails, adding space using Divider Blocks, and getting the Instagram look for your images.
  • Section Editing (Classic Editor)
    All about adding & formatting the content of your emails.
  • Images (Classic Editor)
    Adding pictures to your newsletters is easy with this tutorial.
  • The Button Block & Documents
    Using the Drag&Drop editor to create call-to-action buttons, initiate downloads of documents, media and more.
  • Additional Elements (Classic Editor)
    Customizing your email with HTML attributes.
  • Email Editor - Create An Easy AB Test

Additional Features

  • The Code Editor
    For the HTML expert, our code editor lets you edit and preview rendered your email design at the same time! Learn how.
  • Polls
    How to create & post your own customized online polls.
  • Surveys
    Learn how to easily create, send or post online surveys.
  • Archive
    Put your emails online with their own individual web addresses.
  • Real-Time Reports
    Track and analyze your email metrics and trends.
  • Resend Tool
    Use this little tool to resend an email to newly added contacts since the email went out, or re-market to those who missed your message in their inbox.
  • Social Media Integration
    Add social sharing buttons, apps, templates and more!
  • AB Testing
    A/B Testing your Subject Lines is free for all accounts. And when you upgrade to a paid account, this tool gets even better. Test between Multiple Variables in a campaign, test what time of day gets the most opens, and more!
  • Benchmark Email Lite
    Supercharge your blog with sign-up forms, and send your blog posts out as formatted email campaigns