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Get More Wine Sales with Email Marketing!
We offer a well-crafted email marketing solution for the promotion of your winery.

Any vintner is intimately aware of the relationship between quality and craftsmanship. Talent, methods and technique are very important, but the artisan knows their magic goes only as far as the quality of the ingredients they depend on.

The promotion of your wines should be held to the same exacting standards as your winemaking (or should we say "wine growing?") Email marketing from Benchmark provides the high quality ingredients that are integral for successfully conveying the passion, the story and the people behind the excellence in your bottles.

View Benchmark Email's white paper for wineries
Winery Email Marketing: The Successes, the Shortcomings and the Solutions

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Email marketing pairs very well with your winery's marketing plan:
Newsletters present your winery proudly.   Passionately show off your collection.
Your customers have signed up for more than information, they have come for an experience. Choose a wine email template of your liking from our over 300 templates, type your tale and hit send. You can also have a custom template built for you.   A picture really is worth a thousand words. How many pictures are your wines worth? Seeing is believing, and your newsletter practically puts the bottles in the hands of eager wine enthusiasts.
Promote wine tastings and special events.   Very easily include video tours of your winery.
After seeing your bottles in all their glory, your email subscribers can't wait to come in to taste what's inside! Yes, post your event on your website, but emailing a professional invitation is more personal and effective.   Some of your best customers may never be able to visit your winery. Include them using video email. Educate them on your estate and your process so that they can fully understand the quality and care behind your label.
Get more sales through wine pairing education.   Reward loyalty with special discounts.
Many newer wine fans are shy or inexperienced about wine's place at the dinner table. Help them out with wine pairings or share family recipes. You'll soon experience a new kind of devotion to your winery.   Your winery's customers can become lifelong friends and fans if you let them know you appreciate them. It's very easy to send out online discounts on our templates. You'll get back thanks and a few more orders.
Benchmark Email is dedicated to bringing you and your customers quality satisfaction. Read how email marketing can strengthen your business with Benchmark Email’s Winery Email Marketing Manual.
Why our users love Benchmark
Benchmark Email is easy to use and helps enormously. Once I jumped in and started creating and sending campaigns, I just couldn't believe how easy it was to manage and send all my emails. Our sales have increased 20% since we started using Benchmark Email.    more
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